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Critically Acclaimed: Storm & Grace

On May 15, Lisa Marie Presley released Storm & Grace – her first album in seven years, This is her Universal Republic/XIX Recordings debut. Presley is managed by Simon Fuller, CEO and Founder of XIX Entertainment. The album was produced by 12-time GRAMMY® winner T Bone Burnett and recorded at The Village in Los Angeles.

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Who is Lisa?

Lisa Marie Presley has been in the public eye since before she was born. The daughter of two famous people, Lisa Marie was tasked with the daunting challenge of finding her own path while still maintaining her strong family connection and love for her southern roots. She's had a career as a model, carried signs for deeply felt causes, testified before Congress and - last but definitely not least - she's tenaciously explored and grown as a respected music artist.

For Folk's Sake - Golden Slippers Gig

polly paulusmaIt's a quiet Monday night in Soho and we somehow find ourselves at what must surely be the most exclusive gig in town. We arrive in time for folk stalwart, Polly Paulusma, the small British girl with a southern American soul. She begins with 'Last Week Me', a catchy ear-worm of a tune that burrows into the brain and will have you humming, "I'll be happy as a little mayfly" for days on end. Vocally, she's more reminiscent of Dolly Parton and the Grand Ole Opry tradition than anything springing from these shores, and is tonight accompanied by John on double bass.

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I-D Magazine Live: LMP

ronnie scotts-450x675Last week, i-D online joined Lisa Marie Presley in Soho as she debuted Storm and Grace, her haunting new goth blues album – which she wrote at her new home in England.

Lisa Marie has been reluctant to discuss the album's lyrics, but the therapeutic nature of Storm and Grace leaves little doubt. Her performance was as haunting as the album. Standing next to her husband and guitarist Michael Lockwood, she was dressed in a floor-length black dress and big black desert boots, her signature Memphis blow-dry as big as ever, and seemed as stripped down emotionally as her show was technically. And as Lisa Marie's tiny frame belted out those poignant lyrics, it was impossible not to get taken by this person, whose life has been shaped by the greatest musical legends to ever hit the planet.

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LMP Finds Grace In The Storm

Singer/songwriter discusses using music as form of therapy and her new album, Storm & Grace

grammy storm grace lisa marie presley

Though she is the daughter of one of rock and roll's most celebrated icons, Elvis Presley, life hasn't always been lovely and tender for singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Presley. Her father and mother, Priscilla Presley, divorced when she was only four years old. Then, just six months after her ninth birthday, Presley suffered the loss of her father. An artist in her own right, music has remained a solid foundation in her sometimes tumultuous life.

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