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LMP cuts 'bad' people from her life

Written by Bang Showbiz.

elle 1000 wideLisa Marie Presley has removed the ''bad people'' from her life.

The 44-year-old singer - the daughter of the late Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla - has left Los Angeles to live in England and only felt ready to make a new album after making some other changes to her life.

The mother-of-four told The Sun newspaper: ''I just needed a break, a change of scenery. I had to get rid of everything that was around me.


LMP: Why I left LA

Written by Mark Savage | BBC News.

LISA-MARIE-PRESLEY-Portrait shotLisa Marie Presley has never been been a prolific recording artist - releasing just three albums in 44 years. She tells the BBC her latest album, Storm And Grace, was inspired by a period of intense emotional turmoil, and her relocation to England.

"Too bad she ain't just like her Daddy, oh what a shame."

"She got no talent of her own. It's just her name."

Those lyrics, tucked away on a bonus track on Lisa Marie Presley's new album Storm And Grace, articulate the singer's struggle to step out of Elvis's shadow.


Lisa Marie Presley Sees Her Father's Spirit in Her Kids

Written by Craig Shelburne | CMT.

lmp elvis 280x210"I Love You Because" Video Shares Family Footage

Lisa Marie Presley turned her new music video "I Love You Because" into a family affair. Elvis Presley fans will cherish hearing her sing with her late father and seeing home movie footage of the King, as well as his grandchildren.


Interview: 'I didn’t want to be pushed into the obvious’

Written by Neil mcCormick | The Telegraph.

telegraph logoHow did Elvis's only daughter end up working in a Sussex chip van? Lisa Marie Presley explains all to Neil McCormick.

According to a story that surfaced this month, Lisa Marie Presley is currently employed by a Mr Chippy fast food van in Sussex. Or, to paraphrase Kirsty MacColl: "There's a girl works down the chip shop swears she's Elvis's daughter."

When I ask her to verify the rumours, Presley sighs. "My friend asked if she could give a photograph to charity, The Sun got hold of it, and it went viral." So let's straighten this out. As sole heir to the Elvis estate, Presley has no pressing need of a side job in catering. She does, however, live in a stately home in Sussex, where she drinks in the village pub and spent two hours in 2010 helping out friends in their chip van. "It was fun serving the villagers. But my friend didn't ask me back. She said I wasn't cut out for deep fat frying."




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