Lisa Marie Presley And A Life More Ordinary

lisa-marie-presley-clash-issue-79Amazing Grace

Five days before our interview with Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla, Clash attended a lunchtime showcase in the dark, velvety surroundings of Soho's legendary jazz club, Ronnie Scott's, where a reserved, sober audience were treated to a handful of songs from her new album, 'Storm And Grace'. Most of us had probably heard the album in advance, but none of us really knew what to expect. The name Presley conjures up so many pre-supposed images - it comes weighted with expectations, with an unparalleled heritage, and with a legacy that's almost impossible to live up to. Was this to be an all-singing rhinestone fest, where the front row would be bestowed silk scarves; a metaphorical passing of the torch from father to daughter? In short, no. What we got - Lisa Marie in a devilish black dress with red belt, and a band of behatted wild west dandies playing stripped-back, slow, echoed and haunting tunes - was a mature, enigmatic assertion of individuality. This was a coming-of-age: Lisa Marie was stepping out of the shadows and laying her heart on the line.

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More than anything I needed normal and I’ve found that in Sussex

Lisa Marie Presley 1602776aLisa Marie Presley champions life in rural England

AS the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, daughter Lisa Marie was born into a world of fame and fortune on an almost unimaginable scale.

But two years ago she turned her back on the glitz of showbiz capital Los Angeles for a quiet life in rural East Sussex.

And now the 44-year-old singer and mum-of-four has exclusively opened up to The Sun about her new life on her sheep farm in the sleepy village of Rotherfield.

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Duets with Dad Premiers on CMT This Week

she knows entertainmentThe singer has always tried to pave her own path, but at age 44, it looks like she wants to embrace her legacy. She is releasing a video in which she sings one of her famous father's songs along with him.

It's hard to believe, but Lisa Marie Presley is now two years older than her father Elvis was when he died, and she now fully understands the weight of her last name.

"When Lisa Marie Presley said she was done fighting her legacy as the only child of rock 'n' roll king Elvis, she apparently meant it," said Reuters.

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Country Weekly

country weekly logoLisa Marie Presley Releases Duet With Her Dad

Elvis' daughter went back to a 1956 album to remake a single that's being released this week.

Been a while since you've heard Elvis Presley on the radio?

As a special gift to Elvis' legion of passionate fans, his daughter, Lisa Marie, rerecorded the song "I Love You Because," from the King's very first album, to be played during the 35th anniversary of her father's death this past August. But the song and its accompanying video—a duet between father and daughter—were such a hit during the Elvis Week celebration that Lisa Marie is releasing the single to iTunes today (Oct. 16). The video will premiere on CMT on Thursday (Oct. 18).

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