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lmp santa dream factoryHello and Happy Holidays!

In the true spirit of what this time of year is all about I would like to bring attention to something I feel needs help and support. I have recently become a Patron of a very new and small charity that I would love to help grow and get on the map.

It is called The Dream Factory.

It is based in The UK and was founded by a lady named Avril Mills in 2008.

oliver mills dream factory

Avril lost her 9 year old son Oliver to acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and decided to turn her overwhelming and horrendous grief into a medium in honor of Oliver that could help other children and families that are going through any sort of similar affliction and experience.

Avril has diligently and effectively put 100% of her heart and soul into helping others since it started.

lmp issac dream factoryThe Dream Factory grants wishes , however big or small to ailing and suffering children; giving a nice break and reprieve from theirs and their families constant exposure to illness, hospitals, needles , pain and discomfort etc..

So far to date 140 wishes have been effectively granted. All done by hard earned volunteer work and donations only.

Some of these wishes have been something as simple as a child getting a TV , special needs toys , a lap top, a cell phone or more elaborately , a limo ride somewhere to trips to Euro Disney with their family to helicopter rides over London.

Last week I attended The Dream Factory's annual Christmas Party for all of the children and their families who have had or are awaiting their wishes granted which was so very emotional and moving.. See pictures below..

In them you will see Issak who's dream was granted to go on a Helicopter ride.

You will see Lora who had a wish granted to ride in a limo to meet the cast members of her favorite show...

The Dream Factory has accomplished a lot since its start but I would love to see thousands of wishes granted every few months possibly even more than that...

lmp josh aidon avril dream factoryAny and all help through, support , word of mouth, Donations or volunteering will easily make that happen. Below is the link to The Dream Factory's web site for more information..

Let's end this year or start the new one with helping someone else who desperately needs it.. Thank you and please have a very safe and happy Holiday.

Much Love,

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